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  1. Hi. how are you?
    This fragrance is sweet and floral which makes it great for ladies. but it's too strong, dark and creepy for many of them and they don't like it!
    I like Black Orchid! I worn it several times and nobody said it's feminine our you smell terrible!
    I had several compliments from guys and ladies so it's one of my favorites!
    I don't love it but it's a good fragrance
  2. Hi.
    How are you today?
    It's really hard to answer your question about my favorite fragrance.
    Actually I love most of fragrances in my wardrobe.
    Some of them are great at work, some for party, some for a date!
    But I Love so much this fragrances : Fahrenheit, Encre Noire, Terre d'Hermes, Burberry London, YSL La Niut De L'Homme and V&R Antidote! :d
    There is one fragrance in my wardrobe that I don't like it and it's Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male!
    Mixture of vanilla and mint smell unpleasant in this fragrance! I don't like it!
    So, what is your favorite fragrance?
  3. Hi lady. how are you?
    I really love Farenheit. It's a great masculine and classic fragrance.
    Thanks for your message
    Nice to meet you too.
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