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  1. Hello I just joined this group. I came across it just by chance after looking up for my fav perfumes from 'younger days'. The thing is I bought some hair preparations today by Umberto Giannini and it bought back memories of the 'olden' days perfumes. I used to use one called 'Magnificence de Molynguet' I don't think that is spelt quite correct. Anyway, I also have found a perfume on the net that I have not tried but it sounds like it could smell like the perfumes from the past, have you heard of it, (copied and pasted name)i Promumi di Firenze - Variety of Rare Italian Perfume. By the way I am 70 years old and remember my Mum using 'Evening in Paris' I had some bought for me from Selfridges in London and it is now called 'Soir de Paris' in a dark blue bottle but it is a flatish bottle not a upright pointed one.
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