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  1. Thank you, your majesty,
    appreciate your concern!
  2. Your Grace - belated birthday wishes~ hope you had some fun!
  3. Excusé moi, madame Reine ... I've been living quiet in
    my own solitude for some days now, I'll return soon!
  4. You have been quiet on your estates, monsieur!

  5. We accept your gracious gift with pleasure and will have the perfect gown made to show it off!

    You are too kind, dear Duc!
  6. I am sending Your Majesty this necklace,
    as a token of my humble gratitude for your
    acceptance of my offer of friendship.


  7. Mon plasir, mon beau le duc!
  8. Your majesty ... merci!
  9. Monsieur le Duc! Greetings!

    I like poor little Marie Antoinette as well as her mother, Empress Marie-Therese, and Catherine the Great of Russia - but I love fictional queens like Igraine as well! What a way to live!
    I love your persona -

    la reine
  10. My favourite queen - Sophie Magdalene of Denmark (1700-1770).
    She was a real bitch ... do you have a favourite queen?!

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