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  1. I shall check those out. But I've already sniffed Jo Malone's Black Vetyver Cafe and I wasn't particularly impressed - unlike, say, New Haarlem, the coffee in BVC just kind of sticks out to me. It also doesn't develop a whole lot when I wear it. It's a flat kind of an uninviting fragrance to my nose

    Still waiting on Borneo 1834 though, to continue on with the whole coffee thing.
  2. Your welcome. I'd bet that the initial blast of Antaeus can be off putting for octogenarians. Let it settle.
    But I hear you.
    There are far more playful orientals, woods and gourmands.

    ( Hell, even the godawful Joop! was reinvented and vastly improved in Mt Blanc's Individuel )

    Yes, there's New Haarlem. There's also Jo Malone's Black Vetiver Cafe, which would be a 5 plus star scent if it had more longevity. Still . . .
    Variations on orientals like Roma Uomo by Laura Biagotti

    + I hope you snag a decant at a not too insane price of Creed's Himalaya and Baie de Geneivre. Respectively the best aqua and oriental from that house, imho..
    Miller Harris Cuir d'Oranger for a citrus/leather made right. You might have to buy a Harley to go with it, though.

    Then there's demented-playful like Xeryus Rouge (candied cactus flesh) or Quasar (newsprint/banana/ aquatic--nope I'm not putting you on.)

    Happy Sampling!

  3. Well, all this Antaeus talk.

    I finally got my hands on a sampler. The initial blast is somewhat offputting to a youngster like myself. It does mature into something, well, mature afterwards however. You were right about a 19 year old being able to pull it off although I think I'm going to roll with some slightly more playful and edible scents for a while.

    That being said, I can't see why not return to it at a later time to see if my tastes have changed. Thanks for the recommendation.
  4. Re: Antaeus. Yes, you can pull this off at 19. I'd try to go to a mall, most would have a sample tester.
    It's heavy duty stuff and you have to wait for the aldehydes to settle down; as they project monster sillage for the first 10 min or so. Perhaps it would be best to spray on your chest rather than arms, neck or hands (hard to do at a mall, I know)
    It's a romantic wood masculine powerscent. Best for evening wear, dates, and in cooler weather--- And small doses!

    Hope this helps.


  5. Mario,

    I've seen several of your reviews on frags I've been wanting to check out, as a newbie looking for a unique fragrance in the world of acqua di gios and ushers.

    Could you expand on what you thought of Antaeus? Is it wearable by a younger crowd? (19)

    Thanks man
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