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  1. It was just a sample, no worries. Homme Sport on the other hand I like a lot. It reminds me a lot of L'eau D'Issey. A little too much actually.
  2. Oh no, man! I'm so sorry!
    But I'm sure someone will swap
    it with something you like!

  3. Got it today. Well, it's more tame than intense I'll give it that much but the iris is god awful and nauseating. Gonna go scrub it off now
  4. The original Dior Homme is very little like the Intense.
    It lacks the chocolate smell of the Intense, and is not
    near as cloying ... I bet you'll like the regular DH.
    I hope!
    The Sport is not good aty all, it's like pure citric acid!
  5. Haha well I'm curious because I've tried Dior Homme Intense and that was probably one of the worst scents I've ever had the misfortune of smelling - the most ridiculously cloying and imbalanced. I wonder if toning down the powdery iris will make it any better.
    What are your thoughts on dior homme sport?
  6. Good on you ... but you might as well start saving up now,
    'cause you're gonna want a full bottle!

  7. Your fascination with dior homme has made me curious to try it, just got me a sample on eBay.
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