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  1. Thank you for that lovely welcome. Let me assure you it is all about me being clueless in setting up a basenotes blog to allow everyone to post a response. I think I was able to go back, edit my posts, and click something to allow posts. I love feedback, so it is my ineptness at setting the settings. In my defense, they tell me Mercury is in retrograde! I have very little understanding of planets in retrograde. Yet sometimes I get highly confused even though I have mastered computers. Sometimes I just get confused and stuck, and you might as well blame the planets.

    But perfume. I love talking about it. All of the sudden there is clarity, happiness, and light.

    All you guys are my heroes because I learned a lot about perfumes on basenotes when I first got the bug last spring/summer.

    Part of the allure of perfume is not just the juice, but the people who love the juice.

    Very glad to be here.

  2. Hi Deni! Just stopped over at your blog here, and wanted to leave a comment, but couldn't find a way - not sure if you intended to turn them off, or if it's a bug of some kind (if you have it as friends only, then consider this a friend request). But I LOLed at what you said about your facebook friends tiring of perfume talk. Well, you will NOT have that problem here. Please, talk MORE about perfume, 'cause I don't just speak for myself when I saw we love it when you do. I'm just discovering Amouage myself, and I agree, they're nice.

    Anyway, very glad you've started posting here!
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