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  1. Heya, how're you doing? I've been hvg some problem with the BN site since they moved the database - the pages just don't load right. But yeah, I read 'Pink Stinks'. I actually posted a comment but my comp. crashed after I hit 'submit'. I wanted to say that fragrances follow their own trends. 20-30 years from now, some of these fruity concoctions may seem 'vintage' to the newcomers. Also rather interestingly, I know of no elderly women who smell of these vintage fragrances, so I never had those smell-like-granny hang ups.
  2. Hello I've just read an essay about the the pink stinks and the perfumery targets young girls
    with girly girl scents of candy and flowers and the color pink i have an confession
    i own only two pink bottles of perfume and that is all and one is from a celebrity
    but today girls and young women don't know and realize that tresures like
    Bandit Cabochard Habanita and vol de nuit they exist if they do they advoid them like a person
    avoids an wasp's nest because they don't want to smell (like in the most clinche of mantra like a granny) it's sad i love those perfumes and i'm 25 and besides how are you doing? hav'ent spoken it you in ages so seee you tomorrow
  3. Trying to sample some Xerjoffs before the samples all evaporate away, lol.
  4. Good afternoon or whatever your time would be
    how are you doing today and what fragrant conquest
    are you after today?
  5. Welcome back!
  6. i'm coming back i just couldn't hold a grudge thing have been said it was in a heat of a moment
    but i'm not going to blog anymore
  7. nope it's not a glitch it's copyright reasons i am not posting on forums but still
    going to be on but not posting on forums or blogs if their going to do this
    only On the visitors Messages
  8. Are you sure it's not some kind of a misunderstanding? Or a technical glitch perhaps? I've had posts disappearing before. I usually copy to clipboard & paste after reloading a page. That way I don't have to rewrite a lengthy post. Anyway do write to Grant about it.
  9. Dear to my lovely friends i'm going not to be on BN to much because they deleated my scent de jour
    posts which i worked my ass off i going to delete my perfume warobe but tell grant to delete my
    forum posts and the last two of my blogs but i will still going to have my account but i'm not going to post on forums but i will only communicate on Visitors messages ONLY!
  10. For Me i love Oriental Floral, Floral Cypre Deep incense woody scents
    ala Habanita Aldehydes of Chanel Yves Saint Laurent Opium
    i'm not familer with mens colognes but i love Brut Drakar Noir
    I don't like Citrus Scents very much
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