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  1. "What a loss, loss, loss, loss it is 

    to remain sober among the intoxicated and the unconscious. "
    Beautiful! Very interesting post.
  2. This talk of poetry between us inspired me to post about the Persian poet Rm on my Basenotes blog here.
  3. Ahahaha, how can you resist him? Those poems are fantastic.
    I'm just a student right now and have always been a poetry lover, but calling myself a poet might be a bit presumptuous...
    I do occasionally write for class or when the mood strikes me, but usually it is either lighthearted or deeply emotional-- so I only write in extreme cases or in times of dire boredom.

    Champagne indeed!
  4. IF YOU in the village think that my work was a good one,
    Who closed the saloons and stopped all playing at cards,
    And haled old Daisy Fraser before Justice Arnett,
    In many a crusade to purge the people of sin;
    Why do you let the milliner's daughter Dora,
    And the worthless son of Benjamin Pantier
    Nightly make my grave their unholy pillow?

    —Edgar Lee Masters "A. D. Blood"
  5. I read some of them years ago. It's been a while since I've looked at any of them. I'll have to see where they can be read online. Edgar Lee Masters's curious conceit was to have the dead eulogize each other. It must have been quite a shock to the 1915 reading public! Are you a poet yourself, or just a poetry reader?

    Oh, BTW, I guess we're friends now. Where's the champagne?
  6. I do not know e e cummings very well, but I must check him out now-- what a fantastic poem!
    Have you read the Spoon River Anthology?
  7. Yes, I loved Williams's poems back in my own English lit days. I saw your reference and looked the poem up online. I used to have a book of them around here somewhere, among the piles... I'm also a huge fan of e e cummings. Do you know his poems? If not, they're definitely worth checking out.

    Here's a fvorite e e cummings of mine:

    let it go - the
    smashed word broken
    open vow or
    the oath cracked length
    wise - let it go it
    was sworn to

    let them go - the
    truthful liars and
    the false fair friends
    and the boths and
    neithers - you must let them go they
    were born
    to go

    let all go - the
    big small middling
    tall bigger really
    the biggest and all
    things - let all go

    so comes love

    ~ e. e. cummings ~
  8. Aha! William Carlos Williams must be popular on Basenotes .
    One of my *new* favorite poems! We were studying its connection to Hemingway in my english class the other day, and then I stumbled upon Saxifrage's name. I love the subtlety of the poem-- it says so little but manages to speak volumes. Are you familiar with the poem?
  9. "Let the snake wait under
    his weed
    and the writing
    be of words, slow and quick, sharp
    to strike, quiet to wait,
    -- through metaphor to reconcile
    the people and the stones.
    Compose. (No ideas
    but in things) Invent!
    Saxifrage is my flower that splits
    the rocks"
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