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  1. Thanks odysseum. I have never smelled Polo Crest, and won't be paying big bucks for it - I will probably be outbid as it is on ebay. I have told my wife I intend to cull my collection, so I probably need to even curtail buying this one.
  2. Hi, I saw in the Powerhouse group that you are debating whether to get Polo Crest (and some other scent which I don't know). I like Polo Crest, but here's a couple of observations. You probably know that it is discontinued. I wouldn't recommend spending big bucks for it. It is a nice scent to be sure, but nothing amazing. Second, I wouldn't call it a powerhouse at all. It is a genteel, sorta green-mossy scent. Fairly dry, low-key, wears well. Hope these comments help.
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