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  1. Wherever you think the scent will project the best is where you want to spray or dab the scent. It really doesn't matter where just don't go overboard with the Versace scent ! haha. Also, if you have the bottle without the spray you could use a cotton ball and apply the cologne with that instead of getting it on your hands.
  2. Would it be to much to do instead of the chest to do the neck? and also would you happen to know about Green Irish Tweed? If you where to have the actual bottle, how many sprays and where and, i might be getting some tester vials, where and how much you think? Like for the dreamer i have a tester bottle where you apply and don't spray. I put a bit on each finger and put two on neck and one on each wrist? should i do that with the GIT or what... thx for ur help
  3. What up Metalica ! For the summer, I'd say no more than 3 sprays.. 1 to the middle of your chest, and one to each forearm. Make sure you have a nice amount of space between your skin and the sprayer to cover more area per spray and so it can develop quicker since the opening is quite harsh. Also give yourself at least an hour before you go our so you know how long it takes for it to develop to the drydown on your skin. Repeat the same process for winter, except for 2 sprays to the chest in different areas.
  4. Hey man I saw a thread saying you have the Versache Dreamer, i'm going to be wearing it as an eveningg fragrance in the summer and in winter, how many sprays would you recommend and where.

    I'm sure it's diffrent during summer and winter
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