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  1. Oh and 1/2 of Opus IV goes to various AIDs foundations. So you not only get great bottle but an amazing opportunity to donate to a major global cause.
  2. I have the dagger bottle. It just doesn't work on me due to the flower and powder dry down. The dagger bottle by Guy Robert is EDT so it doesn't last like the EDP. Amouage XXV and Opus III and Opus IV is worth a blind buy. Seriously.
  3. Hey thanks! It is a strange perfume indeed. This floral-powdery vibe reminds me of cheap perfumes that women used to wear here in the 90's so wearing it, it will definitely turn some heads.
    But why can not you pull it off ? Is it too feminene or too dated ? Or it's the stale flower odour that puts you off ?
    Nevertheless I see that you have a fine wardrobe so you have where to choose from. My collection is limited so I try to change it a bit by using from time to time my Amouage samples.
  4. I have every Amouage for men and Attar. I CAN NOT PULL OFF GOLD....GOOD FOR YOU!!! BRAVO.
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