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  1. I just wrote this review of Obsession, a fragrance I have only worn out once in my life about six years ago. Be of good cheer! Keith

    Obsession is an indiscreet Amber scent with some spice notes struggling to emerge. Although there are hints of musk and patchouli, the aggressive and lingering sweet amber is strong and unchanging. It does subdue pleasantly in drydown.

    The recipe is not complex enough to describe as an Oriental, but its dry down is cozy and tasty, literally tasty, reminsiscent of sweets or pastry. But like everything else that tries to reveal itself in this fragrance, even the edible notes are overpowered by the ever present amber. And this is not a subtle or complex amber. I think the scent is too unsophisticated for an older man to wear out.

    I use my spray as a room freshener. In very small doses I find the aura of Obsession for Men soothing and pleasant. Apply it very sparingly. Do not use it as a cologne but as a touch of spice.
  2. Thank you for your comments. I am very fond of Knize Ten. It is very difficult to acquire in the US. I also use Mugler Cologne as a basic cologne. It is light and very pleasant. I agree that E Zegna is a superior and unique scent. I am surprised that so few people appreciate it as much as you and I. The E Zegna soap is very fine, very fragrant with the precise scent of the cologne, and long lasting. Cordially, Keith
  3. Sir,

    I just wanted to drop a note and say how much I enjoy reading your reviews! It was a such a pleasure discovering someone else loved Essenza di Zegna as much as I. I plan on sampling some of your other favorites and hope one of them become one of my favorites.

    Thanks alot

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