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  1. Wow, thank you for the invite! I will most certainly PM you as soon as we are ready to visit ABQ again. I can't believe that an opportunity to shop with the real flesh and blood BNer is within my grasp!!! I am also psyched that you are willing to show me your favorite fishing spots . Thanks!!!
  2. Clovis! It's a small world!
    Well, perfume shopping in Abq is not really very exciting. There is one store that carries a few niche (bond #9 and clive c. of all things), but they have quite a few disconinued designers and carry Caron etc that you don't find in the dept. stores.
    If you guys make it up for a visit be sure to PM me and we can hook up for some sniffing!
  3. Hi, Cello! I didn't realize we are practically neighbors: we live in Clovis but my husbands' kids live in ABQ. He has seen a few balloon festivals, while I hadn't had the chance yet . But it's amazing to know that a veteran BNer lives so close! Is there some good places for perfume shopping in ABQ?
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