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  1. Hey man.
    Are you alive?!
  2. Hi there pal
    What's up?
    Sorry for delay.
    Well, actually there is nothing new in my collection!
    Because of stupid dollar exchange I don't dare to buy any fragrance!
    What about you? anything new in your wardrobe?
  3. what's new with you?
  4. Thank you so much dude
    I really appreciate that.
    Yeah, I'm sure this way will be much better! interesting idea
    I will let you know when I got my package.

    Thanks again
  5. P.s. I numbered them but didn't write the names on the vials. Try one or two of them each day, then go through them a second time and write down some of your impressions... When you have have your mind made up about your likes and dislikes then I'll reveal the identities. This way its more interesting and less biased!!!
  6. Sent them off yesterday morning. Happy birthday
  7. Hey.
    Thanks a lot man, you get me excited about cuir maresque!!
    I can't wait to sniff this sucker!
  8. hey bud, I just bought a bunch of vials on ebay so I can decant the stuff you requested. sorry about the delay. i'll send them your way by the end of the week. i know you'll love cuir maresque. it's SO GOOD. SO GOOD. SOOOOOOOOO....
  9. Hi Omid.
    How are you? Is everything alright there?
    Did you get my E-Mail?
    If you want decant of my Amouage or other fragrances, let me know. I can send them for you as well
  10. I know what you mean about the scent not being original enough for it's high price.
    oh, and I just remembered, if you like leathers, try clive christian "C" if you can ever find it. it's similar to tuscan leather, a little more rounded around the edged (not as abrasive to people). I wish it was cheaper. as far as leather oud, I'm actually NOT going to telling you why I didn't like it. I really really don't want to influence your opinion on this one. I think it could be a gem, but I personally have made an association that clouds my judgement of the scent. I think you should smell it and decide how you like it and then we'll discuss it. i can send you a vial of that if you want.
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