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  1. Hello ChickenFreak,
    In the What-percentage-of-your-wardrobe-is-discontinued-limited-edition-or-pre-reformulated? thread you wrote:

    "Given the IFRA's determined swath of destruction, I generally assume that _nothing_ will ever be available for a repurchase. "

    I can't help feeling this way myself. It seems like a bleak view but I think it's realistic. I feel it's all about money after all and these new 'laws-that-aren't-really-laws-but-we'll-comply-anyway' are somewhat designed to keep consumers spending big $$$ while it costs the houses/companies less and less and ... ugh. I could go on ... lol

    I would not be collectiing frags at all if I wasn't fearful that NOW might be my last chance to buy some wonderful works of art ... I don't want my kids to miss out and they're currently only 4.

    I would have replied on the thread but it seems a bit of a tangent ... x)
    Cheers, Kal
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