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  1. How interesting! Someone at BBW HQ was trying to sneak in a little coolness. Thanks for the tip-off.
  2. Hey Katie -I thought I should mention that there is a candle at BBW that smells sort of Black Cashmere-ish (slightly sweeter- but not much-my mom thinks the candle smells sort of like a aftershave/men's cologne to her -though she bought one as a gift for a in-law who loves BC) It's also a bit like CDG Avignon .The candles were $8 for the large three wick and $4 for the small size .The scent wasn't very popular around here too woodsy/incencey for the mainstream taste I guess .The candle's name is Fireside.
  3. Aw, thanks! I really appreciate your message of support and kind offer.
  4. Hi Katie!
    I love your youtube channel &blog and tend to check both at least once a week.The new Fume Finder looks great!BTW -If you ever want to sample anything in my wardrobe just send me a PM .
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