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  1. Happy New Year, Deb!
  2. Merry Christmas Joy, all the best to you and yours xoxo
  3. Thanks, ShoeG. Piggy so often personifies one's sentiments.
  4. OMG!!! love the avatar...Ms. P so rules!!!
  5. Who's one of the cheeriest BNers ever? You are! You are!
  6. Have a great day!!
  7. Happy Birthday Joy!!!!
    hoping you have a wonderful day and hoping all your wishes come true,sweetie

    big hugs and smooches-Deb
  8. Bless your little cotton socks, shoegal, for your message. It feels like we shared a common affliction (being bullied) this week. How heartwarming to come home to our BN family and be comforted.
    Multiple hugs & smooches from me. ~ Joy B.
  9. Hoping you have a great weekend, take care luv

    you'll get 'em next time

    smooches Deb
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