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  1. Have you ever smelled vintage "Je Reviens"? (only vintage, when it was still made in France) This has been one of my all time favourite scents--I went to the opera ball recently and brought a bottle in my tux pocket and slapped it on the veins of my date--on her wrists--behind her knees--and on her jugular: I swear there is something in there that make men your slaves, as I was hers the whole night through, and beyond. It sends me into a swoon and I can think of nothing save for beauty, and a desire to lick! I read your reviews and, judging from them, I think you would ADORE this.
  2. hello and thank you! it's nice to receive a compliment! (when you're used to hate mail) I guess that when I write a review I can only write it all out as it comes: I find it somewhat redundant to wax on about ingredients--even boring--so I write about feelings--which i think are as important as fragrant components. Many of my reviews get fire-sign responses: (Mouchoir de Monsieur, H.O.T. Always, Khiel's original musk)'s why i don't write many. I wrote "Nuit de Noel" on Christmas Eve--had to write "Blenheim Bouquet" on 09/11. Glad you enjoyed it--I sort of couldn't keep the tears away as i was writing.....I don't remember it as if it was yesterday--but when i smell that scent, it all comes back! thanks again! le MDM
  3. Just finished reading you Blenheim Bouquet review...incredibly poignant and bittersweet. I still remember that day as if it was yesterday.
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