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  1. Hello -

    I am taking the liberty of responding to your message - 7 months late. I hope you will accept my apologies. I joined Basenotes early in the year to knock off a few preliminary questions. After I received the answers, I left the group. I just returned - I realized that I had more to learn. While I enjoy fragrances & cologne, I just do not have enough occasions to wear them - I live in a small town out in the sticks. If I lived in Williamsville or the downtown district, it might be different. Again, thanks for your note and I hope you have a 'livable' winter.
  2. Saw you started the thread about Royal Copenhagen. If WNY_guy means you're from Western NY so am I. If you are check out the TJ Maxx near the Blvd. Mall, they've always got way more stuff than what people post on here about.
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