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  1. Hey, it wasn't me who outbid you!

    It is not impossible to win a bottle for
    10,50 Euro ... if you're patient!
  2. Just posted this to my own wall *confused*

    Hey! I got outbid on a bottle of vintage Ysatis on ebay... (okay, I admit I was being stingy, it went away for 10,50€....rofl!)
  3. In the Scissor thread?! Bummer, I missed out!
  4. Hey, where are you? It's getting royal - your area of expertise...
  5. Yes, some from eBay ... but the Danish fleamarkets
    are genuine treasuries, I find alot of vintage goodies
    On eBay I'll only trade with long time sellers with perfect
    100% feedback, that way one dosn't get ripped off, I've
    never been, I think ... hmm?!
  6. Yes, you are making me very curious now! Where do you get your vintage fragrances? Ebay?
  7. Have you seen my second reply in the 'Stole a Signature'- thread?!

    I'm sniffing my two Ysatis' like crazy ... off the bottle that is.
    And I must say, that not only is the modern one water compared,
    it is indeed almost a different fragrace alltogether.
    You need to get yourself a vintage bottle, it's really divine ... as you know!
  8. You're very welcome!

  9. Thank you for the request!

  10. Yeah, that snake picture just fitted your pic sooo nicely!
    Good to have yet another player active in that fun thread!

    Bienvenue ...
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