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  1. Thank you i might be coming back to post i don't know but i'm just not bloging
    and i'v made a new webpage of my blogs
  2. Sorry about your posts being deleted. How frustrating to lose all that work!!!!!!
  3. Dear to my lovely friends i'm going not to be on BN to much because they deleated my scent de jour
    posts which i worked my ass off i going to delete my perfume warobe but tell grant to delete my
    forum posts and the last two of my blogs but i will still going to have my account but i'm not going to post on forums but i will only communicate on Visitors messages ONLY!
  4. No problem
  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the welcome (love the picture)!

  6. Welcome[IMG][/IMG]

    YAY! welcome to Basenotes ^^
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