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  1. Continued:
    Recent FB purchase was a 'vintage' Dior Dolce Vita and decants have included L'Instant PH and Feminite du Bois (original) among quite a few others ... I think I'm going to be holed up with these for a while. Some real beauties in the stash!

    Easter was all about the kids eating chocolate and hot cross buns but we did get a chance to share some with them! I wish I could have eaten more! *scoffs childs chocolate in secret*

    I'm too tired to watch a Royal Wedding and will probably just go to bed when the kids do! I just got a new Kindle so I'm going to have a play around with that. Maybe I'll put the wedding on in the background ... with the sound off so I don't have to listen to the commercials!

    I hope you have a great weekend!
  2. Thanks for the friendship!

    Both Noralunga and Marion have gone - the latter I just couldn't find because it was hidden with a giant Westfield ad. Took me ages to work it out! Lol I suppose it looks bad to have a closed shop?

    I've given up looking in brick and mortar shops for the time being. I'm just procuring samples and decants from people who have access to a lot more interesting stuff than we do here. D:

    Mecca at Burnside was nice and friendly but as you said about the city outlet, rather limited. They had about 6(?) Serge Lutens, some Dyptique and some Frederic Malle in sample form - which was a little bit annoying - I wanted full squirts! xD Thanks for letting me know - I'll be sure to check the city's shop sooner or later. They must be doing alright to have opened another shop here!
  3. Hi Kal,

    I'm not known for doing the friend thing, but more than happy to say Yes. I hadn't noticed that Perfume Empire had called it quits. At Marion or at Noarlunga? I know a couple of stores had closed on the east coast, but I wasn't aware one (or both) of them had closed here.

    Have you visited Mecca now they have an outlet in City Cross ? Not nearly enough fragrances, but it's a start.

    Recent purchases: Guerlain Vetiver Frozen and Imperiale EDC (both still in the mail).

    Easter was a terrific break from work - even if it involved too much chocolate and too many Hot Cross Buns.

    Have you polished your tiara for this evening?
  4. I was talking to a new member who is also in Adelaide and mentioned you to him. It took me AGES to find your profile page so thought Id better 'friend' you ... I don't know why I haven't friend requested before ... O_o

    Feel free to turn me down of course ...

    Oh and have you noticed Perfume Emporium have closed down here? Is it just Adelaide or AU-Wide?
    That place went downhill pretty bad in the last year though - kinda saw it coming.

    Hope you had a happy Easter!
  5. Annnnnnd!

    To update the story ...

    I wrote to Jo Malone in Toorak asking if they could please send me a sample or two and they sent me TWELVE!! MY GOD I'm happy!

    I've only tried Dark Amber and Ginger Lily on my skin so far and I can still smell it on my wrists from last night (Midday now)! It had relatively low sillage but I could smell it on myself for the few hours before bed. I can't smell it now unless I press my nose to my wrist but it's still there. From start to finish quite unisex imo. Not that that would be an issue for you of course! OOoo Hows the Y going btw?

    They didnt have any samples of Vintage Gardenia but they sprayed a card and I think I'm halfway in love already - it's a little like EL's Tuberose Gardenia but with a healthy dose of incense. I <3 incense!

    ANYWAY - perhaps you can write too! I got the email address from their website.
    Good Luck if ya do!

    Cheers, Kal
  6. Hi Kal,

    re Jo Malone - well that's crap. I hadn't got there at all. If all the stock is still 'in situ' that suggests there has been a rush decision to close - probably forced on them by business levels. Crap. I had only managed to smell a few when I had half-a-day spare on a work trip to Melbourne back in December. Grrr indeed. Unfortunately, I don't have a suggestion about samples - I don't know how closely JM keep their trade. Thanks for letting me know - you've saved me a trip.
  7. OMFG you would not believe what happened today ... I am SO annoyed! D:
    I've been putting off and putting off going back to Jo Malone simply because it's far away now (I used to live around the corner Dx) and apart from having to round up my family, I wanted to go armed with a short list of what to try.

    And ... it was CLOSED - and the sign on the door said it will never open again ... !!!!!!
    They closed down YESTERDAY at 5pm - Less than 24 hours before I got there!!!! ARGH!!!
    Everything was still there with the tester bottles sitting on the display table some 5 feet from the door and my boys stuck their noses in the letter box and all the lovely smells came wafting out. I could have cried.

    Makes me wish I lived ANYWHERE ELSE BUT HERE!! (just kidding but ffs).
    Now I'm gonna have to BUY samples ... any recommendations? >.>

    lol - signing out
    Your irate friend, Kal

  8. Hope you have/had a great day off!
  9. You'll have to tell me how the Y goes! If you reject it I'll grab it from you!

    I know what you mean about going back to test the same frag over and over - I eventually rejected Hypnose but by that time the SA at Myer had known to hand it to me when I came to the counter!

    Which version of LHB? EdP or EdT?
    That one really grows on you. I tried EdT first and didn't like it. Didn't hate it though and most certainly wasn't a scrubber. I think you could probably learn to love anything as long as they aren't scrubbers ... xD

    I am in love with my EdP LHB though - also fell in insta-luv™ with Mitsouko which I tested the first time at the same time so I get why I put LHB into the background for a while. A full year actually. I bought my first bottle of Mitsouko almost exactly a year before my first LHB. Never realised that till now ... interestin'!
  10. Hi Kal,

    All the fragrances are "new" as opposed to vintage. I haven't broken open the Y yet, so still can't comment. The LHB is new (when it gets here, grrr) - I sampled this extensively through November - I think the woman at the Guerlain counter in Myers got sick of seeing me. But, quite simply, here was a fragrance that I fell in love with - it smells like nothing else (except Mitsouko) and I just had to get some. One hundred years later I catch up with the rest of the world. Still, I am getting a little impatient with its arrival.

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