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  1. haha I'm having an identity crisis! I changed my name because I've actually stopped blogging under that name (and have put that blog on hiatus) but it's still me

    I'm not actually vlogging at the moment but all my old videos can be found here I had a few perfume reviews and started to share my (embarrassingly large) perfume collection!

    Thanks for your message, hope you're well also!
  2. Heya Belle! Lol I guess that's your new name now.

    I had to laugh - I was notified that you posted on a thread I was subscribed to and I took 2 days to check it out. By the time I did the post was from "Un Belle Parfum" and not The Lip Print and a more confused person you could never have witnessed. Took me a good few minutes to work it out! Duuh!

    I saw an online video (perfume review) of you ages ago and was wondering if you still have that vlog? I can't seem to find it anywhere in my bookmarks ...

    Hope you are keeping well!
    Cheers, Kal
  3. That's adorable TLP!
    Nothing like a day spent with a new puppy - especially a beautiful breed like a Border Collie!
    I bet it was heaps fun getting those scratches.
  4. Happy Australia day!! Sounds like you're having a lovely day off

    I spent the day at my man's parent's place playing with their new Boarder Collie puppy - he's so adorable but I have scratches all over me now!

  5. Hope you're having/had a good day!
    Took the kids to a huge BBQ which was fun and now I'm happy to be sitting on my butt this afternoon!
  6. I feel like an idiot - after I asked you where you were, I saw it clearly in your about me tab.
    Pity you can't edit vistor messages - now I will look like a noong forever! Hehehe

    We took the kids to the Aquarium in Melb. recently ... great place. We've been thinking of taking a few days hols there since there are so many trams. Yeah trams. My son Cloud is a tram fanatic - he's 4. He was more excited about the tram ride to The Wiggles than the show itself ... >.>

    Lol I hope you're having a great year so far!
    Cheers, Kal
  7. Hi, thanks for your message! Hope you had a lovely New Years too. I'm a Melbourne girl all the way It's great to find other aussie basenoters - Stef
  8. Happy New Year TLP! Hope you had a good night!

    I might friend request you too - fellow Aussie and all! I'm In Adelaide. Where are you?
    Cheers, Kal.
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