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  1. Thanks for the friendship request!

    It really annoys me when eBay sellers use other peoples work to potentially boost their sales. I see it with Nail Varnish and Eyeshadow swatches as well and it makes me more mad than it should - meaning I actually get angry! I refuse to buy from sellers who do it. x]

    Anyway, I'm glad you got a chance to contact the seller and I hope they are smart enough to stop doing it.

    I'm in Australia but I know it's almost Thanksgiving in the US (where I think you are?) so
    Happy Thanksgiving!! (or is that Merry? Lol *no clue*)
  2. Hi Kal!
    Thanks for the copyright infringement tip on eBay.
    And sorry it took me forever to get on top of that - I haven't been frequenting Basenotes very much this year. Although the listing is already expired, but I contacted the seller, whose perfume descriptions all seem to be stolen from other consumer reviews on the world wide web...
    Many thanks,
  3. I'm not sure if you visit here any more but I thought I'd point this out.
    I'm not sure you can do much about this sort of thing other than report it to eBay but this seller is using your review to sell their Jo Malone Vintage Gardenia.

    Of course they may already have your permission to use it but I thought it was worth mentioning.
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