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  1. I own a sample of the same but I didn't like it as much i Liked Bang...Beat has no longevity on my skin...2 hours and gone poof!!
  2. I agree..!!
    What else you can suggest.something Marc Jacobs Bang...I'm serching for Piper Nigrum but its not available anywhere in India and neither on eBay. eBay is my only source of getting frags from the US...
  3. You must checkout this one by Parah:

    For me the longevity is about 2-3 hours but put that aside and this one rocks...very nice peppery frag...give it a may get good deal on ebay..
  4. hey I've noted that the ones I bought (of course blind) after reading your reviews I found most of them to be really good...You really have got a good taste...and your reviews are spot on..Bang...Great!!
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