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  1. No I live in a village in eastern PA. Very, very small. It sucks quite a bit. A lot of my family live in Florida though. Pretty much all of them live around the Largo/Seminole area
  2. Awesome. Same here. I'm into neofolk, neoclassical, dark new age, all of that stuff... and of course death metal, black metal, doom, etc. Do you live in Florida?
  3. Yup! I love both trance music AND black metal! I love quite a few genres actually. Ambient, Modern Classical, Downtempo, Chillout, Smooth Jazz, Avante Garde, etc. I'm a huge music head
  4. By the way, you like trance music? What about black metal? To me, that is trance music. Burzum, for example, is extremely introspective and trance-inducing music. Are you in Florida as well? If so, what part?
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