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  1. Oh yayyy Thanks Foustie - the flow is getting a little better now. I'm enjoying doing them so I appreciate that! Hope everything is good your end
  2. Been watching your video reviews. Loooooving them!
  3. Sounds great But yes us Brits don't make big deals out of enthusiasts ey, I'm sure we won't get free goods :P
    But there we go! Cool, well, when the US folks have finished talking about their meet and making us insanely jealous I'll start up on ours :P I think a lot of people will be game!... I hope
  4. I'm not averse to the free champagne and goody bags at all! Just don't hold out my hopes. Cool. Chat, chat, sniff, sniff, shop, shop, drinks, laughs. Next Spring. Low key. Next time Paris!
  5. Well - I'll arrange one then. Say, two days in London? A friday and a Saturday? Early next year after the first pay day - so the start of February?
    Pub sounds great - shop shop shop pub shop drinks and then same again the next day Sounds fab!
    Yeh receptions and stuff are a no go, I'd rather just walk around and chat and laugh
  6. I would be in for a UK meet. Our American friends are so organised though with receptions and all lovely things. I can't imagine us getting that level of Hospitality. Maybe we could just all meet down the pub!
  7. Posted this afo.
  8. You're welcome Foustie - please keep in touch, I'm happy to send you more goodies that you'd like to try
    I'm relieved you're enjoying the BEX more than I did - ironically the two you mentioned were my favourites too - especially the salty vetiver - the driftwood note is fantastic. The iris opening wonderfully for me but the drydown was disappointing - I prefer the softer comfort of Putain Des Palaces.
    Anyway, hope you enjoy all the other lil goodies
  9. Hiya! I really enjoyed the Bex London. Two in particular, the Iris and the salty vetiver. I posted about them on the last three SOTD's. Thank You for allowing me the privilege!
  10. Popped a couple wee comments about Bex London on SOTD today, (female side).
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