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  1. Yes my dear, Sahara Noir is a mysterious misty-resinous blend of spices and incense, wonderful, a huge kiss for you tesoro. Kisses from the enchanting Istanbul (I'm here at moment). Baci baci.
  2. Just a quick note amore. Tom Ford's Sahara Noir is terrific!I saw your review. A colleague wears it. The sillage is like smoked frankincense. Gorgeous. Hope all well.
  3. I've been in love for Etro since its inception. I owned two Etro Patchouly flacons in the past and it still probably stands in my top five patchoulies. Sharp, exotic, aristocratic and decadent. Love also Vetiver, Heliotrope, Messe de Minuit, Sandalo and Shaal Nur from the same brand. Kisses dear.
  4. Oh, I just discovered Etro Patchouli last week and I had to have some. It's great isn't it? I am loving it! Take Care!
  5. I know, i know well my dear Lynn, i miserably miss almost all the wonderful threads from Alfarom and the others. You know, i employ all my spare (from work) time in order to retrieve samples around and to review the perfumes on the Directory. A big kiss. Ettore.
  6. You are reviewing the O'Driu! How wonderful! What don't you pop over to Alfaroms biiiiig thread. You would be so welcome!
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