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  1. Happy, happy Birthday, dear Sister-in-l'Eau! I hope you're having a great day and are being wonderfully spoiled. Will be raising a toast to you shortly, dear gel!
  2. Just thinking of you at work and wanting to wish you Merry Christmas! May 2016 bring you all the blessings you so deserve. Enjoy your festivities tomorrow, darlin'!
  3. Thank You so much. One of these days we will make that toast, to both of us!
  4. Happy, happy birthday, my darling gel! I hope you have a wonderful birthday in the new home! How I wish I could toast you in person! Much love and big, tight hugs to you!
  5. Oh, you know I've been missing you constantly! But I don't mind because I know you're busy with great things! I hope the new home will be absolutely filled with joy and happy times! Looking very forward to seeing more of you!
  6. Hey sis. Just popping in because I miss ya'. Should have more time soon. xo
  7. My sweet gel, thank you so much! I can say all the same kind words about you. Basenotes is extra fun because of my special scent sister!
  8. A thousand kisses on your birthday my dear friend!! The loveliest Basenoter and a joy to know!
  9. Oh, my goodness! We are really almost eerie, aren't we?! Yes, tough job to choose on these two. Neither is better and I'm defintely comfortable in PH. Think it's about the feel- PF just seems a touch darker to me in mood. Both are fantastic!
  10. Hey sister! Guess what is at the top of my wish list.....Lumiere Noir PF!! Uncanny! How did you choose between the PF and the PH? Quite difficult?
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