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  1. Foustie! You are so kind! I'd love to take you up on that- but only if you're sure shipping costs won't be too much. Take a peek and see if there's anything I can send you. A new iris-yay!

    I know- what's happened? Of course we love our guys but where are all the girls?
  2. Hello dear, yes an Impossible Iris!! I have ordered a FB today, and it would be my pleasure to send you some when it arrives. We need more girls on the thread!
  3. What?! He didn't know about the female board?! We can't have that! I think the guys who joined us were truly appreciative of your gesture; hope they'll continue to join in. You sure do make things fun around here, Foustie- don't ever leave us!
  4. Thank You! It worked! It was fun. Some of the guys who "came over" seemed to have a nice time. I recently read a comment on the male threads by a guy who was saying that he didn't know that there WAS a female discussion board! Where did he think that we would be? Yikes.
  5. Great job yesterday! So thoughtful of you to go out of your way to include the guys- and it worked! Really was a great sync, you're a doll for doing that! Oh, and I honestly LOVE the Chanel PM. Have been considering a bottle for my own use, too. What a fantastic scent!
  6. Hello darling gel! Yes I thought I would get up to some mischief today! It seems to be working....
  7. But of course! Absolutely delighted.
  8. Well how about it?-shall we be Iris 39 pals?!So glad to have "met" you;your posts are so much fun to read!
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