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  1. What?! He didn't know about the female board?! We can't have that! I think the guys who joined us were truly appreciative of your gesture; hope they'll continue to join in. You sure do make things fun around here, Foustie- don't ever leave us!
  2. Thank You! It worked! It was fun. Some of the guys who "came over" seemed to have a nice time. I recently read a comment on the male threads by a guy who was saying that he didn't know that there WAS a female discussion board! Where did he think that we would be? Yikes.
  3. Great job yesterday! So thoughtful of you to go out of your way to include the guys- and it worked! Really was a great sync, you're a doll for doing that! Oh, and I honestly LOVE the Chanel PM. Have been considering a bottle for my own use, too. What a fantastic scent!
  4. Hello darling gel! Yes I thought I would get up to some mischief today! It seems to be working....
  5. But of course! Absolutely delighted.
  6. Well how about it?-shall we be Iris 39 pals?!So glad to have "met" you;your posts are so much fun to read!
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