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  1. Not patchouli type masculine, it is the way bergamot and citruses work out in the top, I think.
  2. lol, not thinking..haha Christian Dior, oh well! I still don't know where to try it, haha.
  3. Masculine huh? Like patchouli type masculine? I couldn't blind buy it anyway lol..couldn't blind buy much of anything right now, lol. Interesting, the notes read that it would be sort of feminine. Maybe it's the spicy rose? I don't live anywhere near a Chanel boutique to try..may have to look where I can find a sample.
  4. Kalli, definitely try a sample first! I found Ambre Nuit a little masculine for my taste, so Mr. W is next in turn for this sample. He smelled my arm and said that he can easily see himself wearing this one. To me the whole thing has a feel of a masculine fragrance, from the top notes deep down to the base.
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