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  1. I actually googled "crown" because I wanted to give you one! And the prettiest one was Danish... how could I resist?!..
  2. 'I have seen your royal address!'

    You've googled Rosenborg?! Cool!

    And no, I cannot understand Tendre Poison is on the verge
    of being discontinued; it's my mom's signature scent from the
    90s, and therefor, it means alot to me. It's goooood!
  3. Yes Sir, I sure did!
    how could I miss it? I have seen your royal address!
  4. Did you know, that the crown you gave me is actually one of the Danish ones?!
    It was made for our king Christian the 4th sometine in the early 1600s.
    It's gorgeous, right?!

  5. Your Highness truly deserves this -- and more!
    Thank you, dear friend!
  6. [Your mailbox is full]

    I've send your parcel today!
  7. Definitely!
  8. Overdone Hermès is not the worst one can experience!
  9. Cheers from the Queen of Green!

    Next time we'll synchronize, I'll start in the morning, but this morning I was making samples for my friend in Alaska and poured a bunch of Hermes on myself. But I have recovered from a catastrophe!
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