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  1. No hurry to get to the p.o.- I wanted to check first to be sure you weren't leaving right away. Just went out this morning, so probably will be early next week.

    Hawaii, O.? How wonderful! But I know you must be so tired from all the recent travel. Take good care of yourself and rest up so you can enjoy the beautiful islands!
  2. Hey, yes, this was fun! You have great taste in people ) I liked Al Gae a lot, he's such a great guy.
    Back home, yes, but not for long. Will be going to HI in less than two weeks -- hey I know better than complaining about going to Hawaii, but 1) this will be a work trip partially, and 2) two trips a month is just a bit much for me! But I will be carving out some time to have fun playing in the sand and maybe shopping since it looks like I will be pretty close to both! (how lucky is that?). We're flying out on the 20th. Excited about getting a letter from you! They did not deliver my mail today so if they won't tomorrow I will go by post office to pick it up myself.
  3. Yay, you're home! Will you be there for a while now? I have a little letter to send you! I am so extremely jealous but HAPPY that you and Al were able to make time for a chat in Vegas! I love the thought of two of my favorite people together. We are deep into a major home renovation, no traveling for me for some time to come. You will both have to fill me in so I can live vicariously through your trip!
  4. Big smooch right back atcha, lady! Glad I could make you happy!
  5. Mwah! you're the sweetest! E~V~E~R!!!
  6. You do add much here; it's the truth! Sorry spring was so crazy for you. Hope you are doing all you can to take good care and rest up- and that you'll get to enjoy the rest of the summer!
  7. Spring was crazy with so much work -- sniff, sniff, I barely made it! But it is all much better now. Thanks for keeping my spot warm and saying that I add to this place -- means a lot to me, my dear!
  8. Missed you, too O.! Hope you know we are always keeping your spot warm. It's so good to see you around here again- the place isn't the same without you!
  9. You're more than welcome and thank you,too.Big hugs to you!
  10. Thank you, my dear friend.
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