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  1. Enjoyed it in Denver very much, it was a work trip mostly, but we managed to sneak out and go to the Science and Nature museum. Now, this is not my usual favorite thing, but it was fun! I liked that one quite a lot. Some beautiful stuff there.

    I didn't go to perfume shops while in Denver, but I visited Dawn Spencer Hurwitz studio in Boulder. Was it fun or what!! She has some lovely stuff, I get some samples on sale and learned more about what I like and don't like. Priceless! I'll be going through the samples and writing about them.
  2. Yep, I live in Denver. Weird! Did you enjoy it here?

    There's an unfortunate dearth of fragrance shops around here, though we do have a Nieman's and Saks.
  3. I just realized that you live in Colorado! I was in Denver on the 1st and 2nd and then in Boulder on the 3rd and 4th. How fun was that! I realize that Colorado's big, but by any chance was I close to your home?
    P.S. thanks for the tip on Coach men frags, I'll be trying them out. I might be cut off for the entire month of May but I'll ride an opportunity if it arises
  4. Wow, thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you liked it! Looking forward to seeing your reviews around.

    PS if you're looking for something that beautifully accomplishes what I think the Jo Malone was going for, try the new(ish) mens scent from Coach. Just tried it for the first time today, and it was fantastic, IMO. Will have to write a review soon.
  5. What a great review of Jo Malone Lime, Basil, and Mandarin!
    Truly delightful!
    I laughed; it might inspire me to write my own review of it. I didn't like it either and I think your war description is right on!
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