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  1. I took Sociology few semesters back and really enjoyed it. I wouldn't mind to attend Women Studies - being a woman I am still quite mystified myself . I am also taking online classes, it sure is convenient. My university is not too faraway - 20 miles or so - but time and gas add up. Plus, I am not really fond off sitting at the lecture - my attention starts to wonder to perfumes, perfumers, and notes. Nuda sounds very good, I do like myself a heady jasmine.
  2. LOL, yes, a torturer I teach classes in Sociology and Women Studies, about 3 classes each quarter. Usually 2 SOC and 1 WS. I teach all online, it is fun. Lets people who won't be able to get to school otherwise get to school if they want to.
    I bought Nuda, it is quite a different jasmine from Ophelia, it is pretty heady but (to me) it stops before the tipping point.
  3. Oh, my goodness, I am so jealous!!! It's a vacation of my dreams - perfume shopping with fellow BNers, I can't imagine something more fun to do! I am so going to next BN meet up as long as it's not overseas and as such beyond our price point. So you are a torturer, then...excuse me, ahem, I meant a teacher . No, I am just kidding, its a wonderful thing you do! And trying to make it more fun for students, I am sure they will appreciate that! . May I ask what are you teaching? If you haven't got Ophelia, what did you get while in Vegas?
  4. Now it took me a loooooong time to respond! I just came back from the BN meetup in Las Vegas, whoo hoo, this was such an eventful trip. But your trip to Santa Fe sounded great as well. My quarter (OUS in on quarterly system, not semesters) started Sept 24th, so I am now in week three and making sure all students are doing their homework and have at least some fun learning!
    I did not get Ophelia while I was in Las Vegas but I was considering
  5. So sorry, it took me a while again!!! My new semester just started and between making heads and tails of my homework and wrapping up huge Weil pass I was a bit overwhelmed. Santa Fe was great! It's nice to be around people, especially, creative and bit strange ones that seem to overrun this city. We listened to some nice rhythm and blues in the evening, had some very stiff James Bond worthy martini, and danced a bit next to a gentleman wearing bright red patent leather shoes...
  6. Did you have fun? Sounds like a great trip!
    What you said in your last line is exactly what I thought about both Jasmin de Nuit
  7. Thank you so much for your warm communication and sorry it took me a while to reply. We just came back from weekend in Santa Fe: it was fun but very exhausting. Yes, decants are a saving grace, especially when they are finished and I discover that I didn't need it so badly after all. But I admire Heeley's reserved and sophisticated style. If I win a lottery I will buy his whole line! So you like jasmine? Have you tried Jasmin de Nuit? If you have, what did you think about it? Of course it is more about spice than jasmine
  8. Thank you very much, I appreciated your comment about Ophelia! I feel similarly, there is so many things on my wish list. And it is so hard to narrow myself down to just one amber and just one jasmine. Decants are the saving grace, I guess, when you cannot commit to just one!
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