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  1. I still visit infrequently but rarely post. Thanks for noticing
    I'm still smelling new stuff, and making new stuff. I don't know about fragrance adventures though :P
  2. Hiya Sari. It is so nice to see that you are still here! Have you had any good fragrance adventures in Turkey recently?
  3. I agree, the presentation is really awesome. I'm excited as well and even though my nose is very fatigued (concoction marathon) I dabbed a bit of adamo on my arm.

    Tomorrow evening, is sampling time
  4. You got your O'Driu! I am honestly so interested to hear your views. Isn't the presentation of the samples great too? I think that they really tell you something about the "personality" of the perfumer and the company. Oh great excitement!!
  5. My pleasure.
    I have sampled daimiris since by the way. Didn't make up my mind about it but it doesn't seem to be compelling to me.
    Although, the herbaceous of saffron note is definitely interesting.
  6. Laboratorio Olfattivo - recieved samples of all six. Thanks again for the heads up.
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