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  1. Hi GMK -- I'm fine -- hope it's not too hot in Karachi? Yeah -- never got round to Lui and it has been discontinued now -- over here anyway.
  2. Hey Kaern. hope all is well at your side. I just want to have some words of yours on Lui Rochas as i have been told that its really an amazing creation , i did not see your review on that, would be grate full if u write some lines about Lui.
  3. ha ha ... thanks. have a safe trip.. cheers
  4. L'Instant, GMK , no gender issues with that -- although I think the extreme version is nicer also -- I'm off to Germany for a couple of weeks from Wednesday, won't have access to Basenotes for a while, in case you think I'm not replying.
  5. ok.. what do you prefer if u have to choose one Dior Homme or L'Instant Guerlain Pour Homme
  6. Unisex at a pinch, I would say -- try the 'extreme' version, it's less powdery
  7. Thanks for responding Kaern.. i just dont like when somebody says you smell feminine. But i think the leather makes it masculine to some extent or do you think that Dior homme can be termed as Masculine???
  8. Hi GMK -- I'm fine thanks - Dior Homme has that lipsticky vibe to it, which gives it that feminine slant, but I have been happy wearing it. I wouldn't worry about it, if you really like it. Easier said than done though, I know. There are lots of Iris based scents to choose from that might suit you better.
  9. hi kaern... hope u r good. once again the xpert opinion is required from your good self.. Dior Homme : I like it very much but reluctant at times to wear it due to the notion that its not for men rather its clearly a female fragrance you agree with this... im not metro sexual.
  10. I am sure that was not a compliment , as i dont even know the "P" of perfumery and you have been in this business since decades i guess. I may have got the female version which has a listed note of Iris.

    I have learnt a lot with your reviews and comment.

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