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  1. Hey Kaern. hope all is well at your side. I just want to have some words of yours on Lui Rochas as i have been told that its really an amazing creation , i did not see your review on that, would be grate full if u write some lines about Lui.
  2. ha ha ... thanks. have a safe trip.. cheers
  3. ok.. what do you prefer if u have to choose one Dior Homme or L'Instant Guerlain Pour Homme
  4. Thanks for responding Kaern.. i just dont like when somebody says you smell feminine. But i think the leather makes it masculine to some extent or do you think that Dior homme can be termed as Masculine???
  5. hi kaern... hope u r good. once again the xpert opinion is required from your good self.. Dior Homme : I like it very much but reluctant at times to wear it due to the notion that its not for men rather its clearly a female fragrance you agree with this... im not metro sexual.
  6. I am sure that was not a compliment , as i dont even know the "P" of perfumery and you have been in this business since decades i guess. I may have got the female version which has a listed note of Iris.

    I have learnt a lot with your reviews and comment.

  7. I dont know why iam getting a persistent vibe of Dior Homme from L'Instant De Guerlain at middle notes, may be its cocoa or lavender....
    do u get something like that kaern.???
  8. I am testing tuscany at the moment after reading your review... still trying to find how its different from Azzaro PH. its becoming softer and does not contain soapy notes imo.

    You are expert to me. look at your reviews man. no match
  9. one more thing i would like share that when i sniff La instant de guelain i get sweet powdery vibe a little very little spicy too , i just wanted to know wether it is pour homme or pour femme as i dont have the original bottle nor the complete name.

  10. Thanks. I got samples of these two, thats y i thought lets take the expert's opinion any ways lets c .
    but the following of Egoiste is fanatic.
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