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  1. Your nose must be more refined than mine -- I think there is some chocolate in the Guerlain but the Dior is totally swamped by Iris imo.
  2. I dont know why iam getting a persistent vibe of Dior Homme from L'Instant De Guerlain at middle notes, may be its cocoa or lavender....
    do u get something like that kaern.???
  3. I am testing tuscany at the moment after reading your review... still trying to find how its different from Azzaro PH. its becoming softer and does not contain soapy notes imo.

    You are expert to me. look at your reviews man. no match
  4. Fanatical or not, I still prefer Rive Gauche -- Egoiste is too loud for me. I haven't tested L'Instant pour femme so can't really say. L'instant Homme is very distinctively male in my opinion -- heavy and spicy, so you may have the female version.
    BTW -- I'm no expert, but have exquisite taste (ha ha).
  5. one more thing i would like share that when i sniff La instant de guelain i get sweet powdery vibe a little very little spicy too , i just wanted to know wether it is pour homme or pour femme as i dont have the original bottle nor the complete name.

  6. Thanks. I got samples of these two, thats y i thought lets take the expert's opinion any ways lets c .
    but the following of Egoiste is fanatic.
  7. Gantier's 'Grain de Plaisir' and 'Ambre Precieux' would be on it as would CDG's 'White'. Practically anything by Mark Buxton. I'm more interested in discovering new fragrances than making lists though. Sorry.
  8. Hello again -- not a big fan of Egoiste, I find it a bit crude, but it's miles better than the 'Platinum' version. Rive Gauche is lovely and usually purchase once every two years.
  9. I also want you to pls write your 10-15 most favorite male Fragrances which u consider as classics whether they r modern or old.
  10. hey hope you are doing well.. I would like have your words on Chanel Egoiste and YSL Rive Gauche ..pls. dont be too precised pls.
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