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  1. For your understanding i can say the Eau de toilette is 10% base and 90% alcohol , this 10% base is imported here as concentrated perfumes, Normally Baldessarini lasts to 4 to 6 hours but if u wear the concentrated baldessarini which i do most often, it lasts daysssssssss rather than hours.
  2. They are available in our local market costing 200 to 500 rupees for 10 to 12ml. These are sold as the alternative to perfumes with their names. if i can have your email address i will send you the pics and names of these. haven't you tried Arabian Ittar like Sultan , Al-Khaleeg, Fawake etc..? these are same in look but fragrance is changed.
  3. I am talking about the concentrated perfume (the Eau De Perfume has only 20% prefume but concentrated is 100%) being created by very famous companies where top noses are employed and u can see the names of those companies followed by a perfumer's name in the introduction of various perfumes here in Basenotes. i am not mentioning the name deliberatly.
  4. But when ever i wear this (we call it concentrated perfume) people recognize it as the relevant cologne , for instance if i wear concentrated Armani Code , one of my friend who uses original Alcohol based cologne of Black Code by Armani , immediately smiles and says u wearing code na ?? as others.

    This is a totally different industry originated from France , companies create the base.. and exports it as for industrial usage.
    I tried Havana Reserva today ,,, it did not inspired me.
  5. I have got some thing to ask .... if we have only base (essential oil , concentrated perfume) will it smell like the alcoholic version(after getting dried/ set)?

    What about Aramis Havana ??? i got the sample(concentrated).
  6. yeah ..Your emotions could easily be seen in your reiviews. "aweful diamonds, offensive to physical(Lacoste PH) etc".
    I see reviews of some writers like articles 2 paragraphs on topnotes only, who got as much time to read till the end.
  7. Oh... everything is back.
  8. Thanks . and Thanks to your seniority at basenotes which has enalbled me to see your message as my inbox has been flushed/ formatted by the web development team of Basenotes.

    I dont know why they do these things rather than enhancing the scalability of website ... I would not even open the site of base notes if some seasoned reviewers are not here. Do you write any where else kaern? Fragrantica, Now smell this or what ever...
  9. Its really very difficult for a fragrance to stay/ sustain especially in hot / humid weather , the dwellers of London cant even imagine the intensity of tempreture here in Karachi.

    Nothing works, especially the so called fresh Aqva Pour Homme , Isse miyake,Eau Armani, Cool Water, Acqua Di Gio(i consider it as detergent) blah blah.

    I will try Eau de Gaurlian if its available here.

  10. Yes, Baldessarini is a really nice fragrance -- I can't imagine anyone objecting to it really. I am pretty much addicted to fragrances as well, but I really do get a benefit from them -- for instance, yesterday it was pretty hot in London and I was wearing Eau de Guerlain and it just shimmered off of me all day -- really refreshing. Also, if you stay clear of the huge department stores where they are only really interested in selling you something/anything (I'm not blaming them) -- there are some really nice people involved in the industry. The sense of tase and smell is very strong and important in humans so I treat perfumers as creative artists who can bend your mind occasionally.
    Ta Ta

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