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  1. I have been away from Basenotes for a while. Harried from the demands of work/ family life/ impositions of freinds/ etc. -- I am back here just to say hello to you and once again thank you for sharing your reviews with us all -- including that of Normandie. A lovely frag from bygone days that now may seem strange and out-of-touch with today's abundance of schlock. Yes, I did go to your threads! Very interesting and entertaining! I did not join for the simplest reason that I haven't the time just yet. But I keep tabs. At any rate, I hope this finds you well. Have a great summer!
  2. Kudos again for your review of Givenchy Gentleman. Should we expect nothing but the best from you? How can one even ask that question!
  3. Your review of L'Air de Rien was -- murder, plain and simple. I do agree with you on this. The frag was vile, stinky, funky, damp. I had some respect for the Miller Harris line, but after this latest take, that now is shaken. Very good review.
  4. Lol. A precis of other reviews. But since yours is the only one that seems to stand out, it is good enough. No, I haven't had the chance to smell the vintage version of Monsieur de Givenchy; but I have the current one. The one in the Les Mythiques line. I really like it. I use L'eau d'Hadrien sometimes, and it seems similar -- but the Givenchy is classic/ understated/ soigne and beautiful. Citrus/ lavender/ wood/ and oakmoss. If you have sampled both versions, do you favor the vintage one! Btw, Merely has "one" review -- of En Avion. It is very well-written. In a manner that reminds me of your writing!
  5. Ugh! Pince Nez! That review was not even a review: I was merely trying to correct some details in other reviews: Since there are so few on this one. I tried to clean it up a bit....but thank you....and have you smelled vintage MONSIEUR de GIVENCHY?
  6. I have read your review of Chaldee, and I have to smile. It is wondrous. So precisely evocative. Mind you all these comps are difficult to find in their original formulations. I guess you do this on purpose. You have a knack for reviewing stand-alone and singular fragrances, which seem largely beyond the reach -- of the common. You inform, educate, entertain, and intrigue us. And for that I am most grateful. Mon ami, thanks for sharing.
  7. Monsieur "le Mdm" -- fantastic review! Vivid, sensual, orgiastic, and dripping with all sorts of allusion to our search for the "other". And in so doing so, ascend to the divine. Fragrance indeed has the power to conjure and make real (even for a short while) our most hidden desires and buried memories. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Dear Pince-Nez,

    Bidding Adieu to 2011, you are cordially invited to a Ball, where, along with much merriment and dancing, a Catharsis will take place. Directions:

    Bal a Versailles, Fragrance Directory

    le MdM
  9. Hello again, Monsieur Mdm. Just wondering how you have been. I'm awaiting your next review, as always. I wonder what will it be next. My quest for En Avion hasn't been productive thus far. Best regards.
  10. Thank you, Monsieur Pince-nez! It's nice to know that people take something away from these and that they're not just as much self-indulgent drivel. You should read my thread "The Marriage of Mouchoir de Monsieur" which I'm greatly enjoying lately--a work in progress--I'd love a comment now and then to know you're reading! Thanks again i truly do greatly appreciate the encouragement. -leMdM
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