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  1. I went to the Barney's warehouse sale today, and thought of you. Really crazy place but wonderful merchandise, I bought an Ann Dem grey wool coat based on your fondness for I just have to figure out how to button/zip/belt it. I also bought some Lanvin loafers...all sort of by accident. I did not see any Brunello, but they had several Nina Ricci couture dresses, Lanvin jackets...still 4 figures though. Anyway, the Barney's warehouse sale, I am officially recommending it to you, twice yearly in August, and February, even though you hate sales, this is a fun one. Hope all is well.
  2. I find it somewhat common in it's current status. Houbigant is *NOT* what it should be--in the genre I much prefer "Ombre Rose." You should smell the MESS they package and sell as "Fougere Royale" -- common as mud.
  3. What do you think of Houbigant Quelques Fleurs?
  4. greeting from Paris! i just arrived at l'hotel place de vosges, which is a sweet little place , great location, and not expensive so thanks for the rec. i just popped open the jicky parfum that i brought from new york, and it is itting atmy bedside in the evening light...i don't think Parisian light is so bad for perfume reallly...this little bottlehas already crossed the atlantic twice, and still has to fly home...and I bought a 5 euro bar of Fleur de Osmanthus soap..i am becoming an MdM wannabe, I fear...
  5. How could you know that that is one of my absolute favourite paintings of all time?

  6. just stopping by to post a picture...i *like* the pavlova, but it was very hard to open. it made a little gasping sound when i finally did get it opened...
  7. VR's going to teach me how to post pictures from my i-phone: Then we'll see who's a "his/her." !!!!!!!!!
  8. how did you find "Pavlova"?????????....what I mean to say is.....what's it like?
  9. I want to know!!!!!
  10. OMG!!!! YOU GOT THE COEUR-JOIE?????? what's it like? what's it like? what's it like?
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