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  1. it is older but i feel is timeless and not dated, while cuir de russie is a bit dated, but cologne is in the eye of the beholder.
  2. Ha, well one could argue that VT is about as dated as they come couldn't they?
  3. my brother loves selection verte, i am not a big fan of it , it smells rubbery to me. Cuir de russie smells like a worn down beaten up leather glove that was lit on fire with some citrus. very dated and pungent in my opinion.
  4. Yeah I want to try Cuir de Russie and Selection Verte the most, I also would kill to just smell Feuille Verte, unfortunately the only place I've seen it still for sale it was $40 a ml
  5. It depends on what you like, many of the private collection colognes are very specific. to be honest the only one i care for so far is vintage tabarome, the others are not bad but i feel vt is the best.
  6. Oh really? I'll have to try the '48 version now before it's impossible to find in case I like it. I really wanna try all the private collection, I just have been putting it off because I hate paying TPC prices
  7. the old vetiver they are shutting down it was my fav vetiver and i have been looking for a replacement, acier is a nice fruity, spicy vanilla smell.
  8. Nice, I actually have not tried Acier Aluminum or Vetiver 1948, or any of the private collection aside from VT come to think of it.
  9. I can understand, windsor never worked on my skin as it should have. I own vintage tabarome, virgin island water, royal english leather, bois du portugal, acier alumium, vetiver 1948, millesime imperial and plan on either getting green irish tweed or original vetiver
  10. Well I just purchased Aventus, but I also have GIT, Himalaya, BdP, SMW and have a flacon of Windsor on order. I also want to buy Vintage Tabarome, but I just can't justify spending that kind of money.
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