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  1. Hi again Trex. I tried to send you a PM (twice) but it didn't work... perhaps your mail settings won't allow incoming emails from 'strangers'.... so I've sent you a friend request to see if that will make the PMs go through. Cheers, MsV
  2. Hi kiddo, yes I do miss chatting. Please let me know how you are doing. Send me a PM and bring me up to date on things. I wont be on until Wed or Thur, shit happens. Nice to hear from you.

  3. Hi Trex! I think out chatroom days are over since the settings were changed to prevent 'lurkers' llike me. Actually, I don't think the chatroom has been online since the hacking incident. This means I will have to make the effort to use the BN forums! Anyway... I miss our chats.
    XX MsV
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