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  1. blame on Tobacco Vanille !!!!
    (it's smell as a car air freshener... lol )
  2. Good to have som Pure Havana to try. The drydown is similar to AMen indeed but a bit sweeter (AMen has a bittersweet touch to my nose). Topnotes are right, but PH becomes too sweet for my tastes at the middle stage. A few hours into the drydown it gets better.

    Aoud Cuir d'Arabie topnotes seem plain vile, but the drydown gets better. It's one which sillage is better than smelling it upclose (too strong for that). Drydown gets better, as with most montales.

    Black Orchid needs some work, i'll have to wear it. Didn't like it but it was nice smelling it from afar. The closer i get my nose the more I hate it. I'll give it a proper wearing soon.
  3. Average at best xD
  4. Dedo, work a little your wardrobe. I'd like to see it.
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