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  1. You too, Lucas! I should have plenty of time to chat this week! Let me know how you've been!
  2. Have a good weekend! We'll talk soon
  3. Doing well! No, spring hasn't come here yet...
  4. Just fine here, how are you? Hope your week has started off well! Has spring found Poland yet?
  5. Hey, how are you doing?
  6. I wish my sweet and brilliant little chemist a very Happy Easter, too! I hope you and your family are enjoying a lovely holiday! I intend to send you a longer message tomorrow; it's been too long. For now, sending your family lots of love!
  7. My dear perfumed Fairy Godmother! I'm sending you my warmest wishes for a happy time of Easter holidays. May your time be restful, filled with good emotions, delicious food and joy.
  8. Lucas, that is so sweet! How heartwarming that you'd even think of a remodel gift! Don't you spend your money; the mere thought made my day! Yes, I love art deco myself and am so lucky that I can go nuts with that style here. Being built in 1930, the house already has many art deco touches of its own. Hope you can come see it when we complete our "masterpiece"!
  9. I see. But at least the roof is done. At least you'll stay dry during a downpour Hope thing inside the house will go better, slowly, step by step. You know I've been thinking about buying you something fancy to decorate one of the rooms? You know I like art deco.
  10. Oh, how I wish the inside were done! But it's really only just beginning. The large bathroom turned into a monster project, with all sorts of plumbing issues. Hope to be moving on to the fun part of that job very soon. Ultimately, I want a whole-house renovation. But we can move at a more leisurely pace now at least! That roof was a must-do, the old one was in such bad shape!
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