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  1. Yay!What fun!I hope those bulbs grow for you!I've never tried growing tuberose but I do grow irises from both bulbs and rhizomes,so I could possibly be of some help if you have questions.I'll bet your Mom is over the moon that you're joining in on her hobby.I'll keep my fingers crossed on your bulbs making it through customs!
  2. Well I did it. I ordered some iris and tuberose bulbs just to experiment! I hope customs don't seize them though lol! Will keep you updated
  3. That's very dissapointing about the Hermes,scent.I almost stuck that one in on my last sample order,too.Pale and watery is NOT what an iris smells like.Cool and crisp,yes,but they also have richness and depth.What a shame,I do enjoy quite a few Hermes scents.I think the greenhouse is a fantastic idea and gardening is a wonderful supplement to this obsession!
  4. Hey there! I've been realizing that I prefer wearing fragrances more in the heat of summer. I tend to spray a lot more during this time as body heat is significantly lower and the scent doesn't bloom. Ever since I started this insane hobby (cough...obsession!), I have been really thinking of building a greenhouse because of our weather. My mom is a planting fanatic so that helps! PS I smelt the new Hermes Iris, which is so supposed to smell like iris flowers and not the root, and it's a pale, watery mess!
  5. Well,we have all four seasons of weather here and I find I like some of my orientals better in the summer-I feel like the notes come out more "brightly" in the heat.I'm glad you make no apologies-I hate that "orientals are for cold weather wear" rule!It makes sense that you haven't smelled an iris flower,your weather is much too warm for them!They need a nice,long winter's nap in order to bloom in spring.Perfumery does a good job of imitating them,though.I wish you lived close by-I'd cut you your own iris bouquets!
  6. My wardrobe is mostly best suited for winter weather, but I live in a hot, humid climate, so I make for no apologies for wearing my heavy orientals and Serges in the heat of summer LOL! I gotta use up that precious juice! Come to think of it, I don't think I have smelt a real iris...I know...GASP!!!
  7. Thank you,scent!You sure do love your irises-your collection is practically a reference library for them!Makes me long for spring so I can walk around the yard and not just smell them but enjoy all their wonderful colors.Your wardrobe contains all the cures I need for these winter blues!
  8. Heeey there!!! It's a joy and a pleasure to befriend you I guess you figured out I like my irises, huh?! LoooL
  9. Oh,how I would love to raid your wardrobe(and walk away with all of your irises)!
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