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  1. Thanks for the comment about my little kitten avatar, he is a cute little guy, wish I could keep him all year, lol.
    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  2. The kitty in the Santa hat has my vote for the cutest thing of the Christmas season!Happy Holidays and all the best to you and your family in the New Year!
  3. Happy Thanksgiving, PerfumedLady, I hope you have a nice day!
  4. Happy Thanksgiving,Kiliwia!
  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes!You are so thoughtful.I'm wearing Insolence(is there a more aptly named fragrance in which to turn 37!?)today and you're right,it isn't terribly sweet.In fact,it performs on my skin like the classic Guerlains do-it just sort of melts in.I don't even find it that loud,as some reviewers do.I'm glad I sought the advice of a trusted Basenoter.Thanks again!
  6. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!
  7. Thanks so much!You were a lot of help-I've decided to get some instant gratification with a 1 oz.EDT of Insolence just to be sure we still get along after some wear.I'll try to sample the EDP next time I'm at the mall-our Macy's only carries EDT but I'll have to see if Penney's has a tester.If not,I'll just order a sample.I'll keep Violette in Love in mind for when I'm daytime scent shopping again-I looked into it and it does sound gorgeous!Please let me know how it goes with your sample pack when you get around to them-I'll be interested to hear if you discover any gems.How funny that we're both thinking of violets at the same time!Thanks again,I really appreciate your time!
  8. Hi Perfumed Lady! I do like Insolence and I don't think it's overly sweet, I have the edt. I've heard the edp is more intense, I had intended to buy the edp, but they had the edt on sale at Penneys last winter, so that's what I bought. My Insolence is a little softer and maybe a little sweeter than Insolence. I actually wear My Insolence more often, I have it in a rollerball and keep it in my purse, so I use that one alot. One violet that I really like is Violette In Love by Parfums de Nicolai, but I don't think it has the edge you are looking for, it's a very soft violet. I recently bought a violet sampler pack from Posh Peasant, it has 7 violets, but haven't had time to check it out yet. I'd definitely buy Insolence again, but would get the edp instead. I hope this helps you a little.
  9. Hi,Kiliwia!When you have a minute,I wonder if you could give me your opinion on Insolence.I've been looking for some violets with a bit of a wild side and my mind keeps going back to it.I remember liking it when I sampled a few years back but some of the divided reviews here about how sweet it wears have me a little scared.However,I don't mind some sweetness and I do remember Insolence as a fun scent,which is exactly what I'm looking for.I tested Penhaligon's Violetta and it was nice,but not complicated enough.I'd love to hear if you wear your Insolence very often and if you're still enjoying it,or is there something else you think I should try?Thanks and I hope you have a good weekend!
  10. Thanks,Kiliwia!I greatly value the opinion of someone who has such obviously good taste as you!Seriously,though,I am looking forward to learning much more about fragrances from you and other more experienced Basenoters. I'm glad we're able to find like-minds here!Thank you again for the wonderful feedback!
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