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  1. I only know Black Orchid and Voile de Fleurs myself,
    so, I cannot help you. Start a thread about it, why
    don't you?!
  2. hello my darling!!!! sorry, but i need your opinion of tom ford scents. (i want to buy champaca absolute/ i have a black orchid i like it so much).
    best kisses and wrappings.
  3. Aah, I'm against IFRA, too.
    I kinda misunderstood your question.
    I have some 80s Poison, some 90s
    and the modern formulation.
    It's changed quite a bit.
    The vintage juice is much more dense
    than the more fruity-floral modern one.
    I, of course, perfer the vintage 80s for-
  4. Thank you, my darling!! As I think, your answer is the most closest to the true itself! Thank you so much!!! We are all against IFRA!
  5. Most stable? Hmm, I guess I'll have to say Poison.
    It has survived since the mid-80s, whereas the
    Midnight is still somewhat new.
    I also like the original the most. Midnight is a dark
    rose/patchouli scent, which is quite masculine..!
  6. hello, my friend! i just want to ask you, which one is the most stable, the poison or midnight poison? TIA FOR THE ANSWER
  7. Happy New Year, my friend! Best wishes for you!
  8. Merry Chrstmas, my greeeath smelling friend!
  9. Merry Christmas!!!! I wish you first of all-health, and - the new fragrance emotions in the New Year!
  10. black orchid - it is something!!! the best counteraction to this cold days without fresh fruits!
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