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  1. Oh yes! LVMH! I forgot about them! D:
    I have a nice heavy jasmine vine, jonquil bulbs and heaps of roses in my gardens so I'll at least never forget what those smell like!!
    I'm also buying up male frags for my sons because I fear for the state of the perfume world in 10+ years time. All I can say is ... Good luck to us all!!
    It's like a revolution - we should form a resistance. Lol!
  2. there are two houses - LVMH and loreal. They ate completely almost all brands. But our memory - is the best way to remember for ever the natural scents. And I hope we never give up in this struggle for real life!!!!
  3. ysatis!

    I noticed your response to Grant's latest news and had to say something.
    EVERY time I read up on how/why the IFRA are banning this and that I think of Equilibrium. As you know, perfume was one of the 'forbidden arts' that could land you a death sentence by mere possession and it's so hard when I sniff a new release which smells exactly the same as the last new release - except - it's weaker and sheerer and oh so much less offensive (BLAND). Then I remember that L'Oreal has assimilated *everything* and also recall my first sniff of Opium destroyed and ... argh! *tears hair out*

    If the current trend of perfumery continues, sooner or later it WILL be a crime to have any sort of sillage at all. I hate to think of what comes after that ...

    Anyway - at least someone else around here has seen Equilibrium.
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