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  1. I was going through some stuff and found samples that you had given to me the day that Ann and I met up with you in KC. I'm wearing Sous le Vent today! I hope you are having a great weekend ... we miss you here on BN!
  2. Congrats on your Warhol purchase, Shades! Someday I need to bite the bullet and plunk down for some Bond, eh? Plum and incense sound great together - time for a pilgrimage to Halls, I think!
  3. I finally made it back to Halls! I ended up buying a new Bond ... the new-ish Andy Warhol and I love it! It has notes of plum and incense ... very nice! My sister-in-law also purchased a Bond, Maybe her down-the-rabbit-hole scent???
  4. happy birthday, Jon! I hope you are having a very fragrant day!

    PS have you made it to Halls lately? I'm SO craving a trip there!
  5. Hey! hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday! any fragrant Christmas gifts under your tree? Santa brought me Cuir Mauresque, which I had been wanting FOREVER!
  6. hey Jon! have you been to Halls lately? I was in KC over Labor Day weekend, but spent time with family. SIL and I did make a trip to Sephora, but no fragrances were purchased. We stopped by Dillards in Zona Rosa, and the SA in the men's department was pushing True Religion SO hard it was comical. And then she started talking smack on Angel. I couldn't leave fast enough! No sale for her!

    take care, shannon
  7. my inner animal? don't you see my bleu peeps? i'm sweet and marshmallow-y. lol

    i would love to go to Halls again! i want to smell the new Bond, High Line, even though i'm not a big fan of green scents. maybe i will win the lottery and can pick up their last bottle of Creed Vintage Taberome too!
  8. Stayin' Alive! Stayin' Alive! [in high falsetto Bee Gees voice]

    Next time you're in KC, give me a call. I could be persuaded into returning to Halls for another lookey-see. Might even get you to buy some Success is... something or other - I can't remember the full name!

    And where is YOUR inner animal?
  9. you disco animal you

  10. Hi Shannon! And thanks for the birthday greeting. As for new frags, I just returned from Epcot with a 30 mL bottle of Mitsouko extrait. Expensive, but I figure any serious collector worth his/her salt should have it on the shelf. Also picked up a bottle of Givenchy Gentleman, being on a long term patch kick.

    See ya!

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